Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Temps Are Turnin'

Even my family and friends down south have experienced snow this year.  They say up here in this area that we've had more snow "events" this year than any other year in recorded history. Hmmmm. Global Warming? 

I remember growing up as a youngen down in Southeast Alabama that it snowed once and half them rednecks (I can call 'em that cuz I'm one too) thought that the world was ending.  Didn't know what all that stuff was; of course, none of it stuck at all, melting as quickly as it landed.  I was used to snow however, as I'd lived in Germnay for 3 years as a child and another 9 as an adult so I knew the world wasn't ending, it was just getting cold.

Thats about to change up here though.  Starting today the temps will begin to march upwards towards a peak of 62*F on Friday.  I can't wait. Don't get me wrong though, I love love love snow, but I want to get some more air trime in on Bertha, my powered paraglider and it's been hard finding a suitable launch site.  I'll be sending pictures and uploading video's over the next week of my airborne observations.  Thanks and ya'll be particular!


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