Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy Birthday Beth, Happy Birthday Bertha, Happy New Years Eve

Today was a really busy day for me cuz I was faced with a lot of conflicting priorities that I'd have to figure a way to sort out without getting a arsh whooping.  There were 3 celebrations to attend and I wasn't sure how to do 'em all and still be able to walk.

There were birthdays to plan and attend, and of course I had to get all licqoured up for New Years Eve. 

Here's what happened:  I set the alarm for early this morning and snuck downstairs and made coffee and breakfast.  Ok, I made coffee and grabbed a container of yogurt and dumped some cereal in it.  Then I grabbed Beth's presents, breakfast, and coffee and snuck back upstairs and belted out the "Happy Birthday" tune in the key A-G (that's A through G as I'm all over the place).  I sat her pressies on the bed and her coffee on the night stand and noticed that Ella had licked half of her yogurt up, but I didn't say anything cuz I don't think Beth saw her do it. I just smoothed out the lick marks. 

Beth opened presents with Ella helping and all was going well.  By 6:15 am I'd completed one celebration with two more to go; Beth went back to sleep, I didn't.  Ella did too cuz she was now full.

It was Bertha's birthday too!  Not really birthday birthday, but, if my plan worked out right, today would be the first flight in Bertha - which is the name I've given to my brand new Powered Paraglider (PPG).  She's purty and has a redhead. Rob built the frame for me using aircraft grade manually shaped parts & pieces.

click for a larger view

This is a picture of her after Rob had finished building a custom made SkyBolt II frame for her.  Rob will build you one too!  It's light and very tough. I flew a frame he built while I was training and crashed plenty of times. Just click on his name and send him an email.  

Well my plan worked, and today would be the first day I took her flying, I guess the first day She took me flying.  it was a bit chilly but nothing tooo bad, certainly not as cold as my next flight would be 1 month later. 

I had done what's called a "hang check" in her over at Kevin's place just before coming out to fly to check the angle that I'd be sitting in the harness whilst flying.  I hadn't adjusted the tightness of the leg straps though and I would certainly know it immediately after taking off.   I took off the first time and immediately sank down about 12 inches in my harness and was held up by the leg straps way below where I should have been at.  I immediately killed the motor and floated back to the ground and did a safe and soft two-step landing.  I tightened everything up and set up to go again.

Here's the video of my first "real" flight (excluding flight number 1 which lasted 3 seconds) in Bertha.

Hope you enjoy the vid.

After the flight, I went home still grinning and after a nice warm shower I was ready to welcome in 2011.  We hung out in the neighborhood as there was no since getting tangled up with all the drunks driving up and down the road and hollering and throwin' up and peein' and stuff.  It was a nice quiet celebration and it hasn't given me time to write to ya'll.  Hope you had a wonderful New Years Celebration Too!

Ya'll Be Particular.

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