Friday, November 28, 2008

Our Geocaches – They’re Hiding & Waiting For You Right Now!


Geocaching?  Geocaching is an outdoor game where you use a handheld GPS to locate “treasures” placed by others.  It actually doesn’t require a GPS if you can read maps using latitudes and longitudes and navigate to that point with a compass or your good looks.  Folks (all over the world) are out right now running around like crazy people either hiding these caches or looking for those that others have hidden.  Sometimes you’ll find neat trinket's inside of the cache (container), and sometimes nothing more than a logbook where you’ll sign to show the secret world of geocachers that you’ve been there and you’ve found this heifer!  Honestly, I didn’t know how many neat places existed so close to home until we started geocaching.  While out hunting these treasures, we discovered hidden parks, gorgeous views, and places and things that I hadn’t known existed just right down the road.  Not only that, but I didn’t even realize that I was getting exercise while out in the fresh outdoors hiking and sometimes biking enroute to these cool destinations.  If you even only read about geocaching (click for the website), I think it’ll have an intriguing and mysterious pull to it that may get you out looking for atleast one or two.  It’s really quite exciting to be honest.  I bet you’ll be quite surprised, VERY surprised to find out how many hidden treasures are within a mile or two of your home.  This Geocaching thing is world wide!  Anyway, take a look at their website (it’s free) and create yourself an account (that’s free too) and start hunting for treasures (that’s free too). Our Geocache username is “OTISAIR” so please add us as a friend to your Geocache account. Now go and hang out and have fun with the rest of us crazy damn SLAP Indianer Jones want-a-be-like crazy-women-in-a-shoesale-and-hunt-a-like-hillbillies geocachers!  Oh, Google Muggle (as related to Geocache) before you go though.

Located In Pennsylvania

Otis In Da Water, Sometimes


Geocache ID:  GC1JH3D

Hidden: 11/29/2008            Here are the coordinates : N 40° 07.351 W 075° 26.873

Size:  Micro imageDifficulty: imageTerrain: 3stars

Sometimes you won't even get wet, sometimes you may have to swim, sometimes you may have to climb a tree, sometimes you may be able to reach it. Parking is available, just not right at the site. You'll have parking options less than .5 miles away. Please don't forget to bring along something to write with as there is not enough room in the cache to store a pen or pencil.               

Located In Pennsylvania

OtisAir Camo 1


Geocache ID: GC18HXA

Hidden: 1/12/2008           Here are the coordinates : N 40° 09.995 W 075° 21.780

Size:  Small imageDifficulty: imageTerrain:  image

Down yonder camouflaged in the woods by the sideways tree!

Original Contents:

1 Duck (Tiny Thing)
1 Bug (Travelin' Kind)
1 Jet Airplane
1 Logbook
1 Geocache Fact Sheet
1 Pen

Located In Pennsylvania

Final Approach


Geocache ID:  GC189VK

Hidden: 1/1/2008           Here are the coordinates : N 40° 13.967 W 075° 33.365

Size: Small imageDifficulty:  imageTerrain: image

PLEASE USE CAUTION. I WAS INFORMED THAT THERE IS STILL POISON IVY HERE.  PLEASE BE CAREFUL! Happy (and itch-free) Hunting! Some briars perhaps in warmer seasons. Shouldn't be too difficult to locate. Ya'll be Particular

Original Contents of Clear Tupperware Container with blue lid:

1 Toy Jet (Labeled OTISAIR05)
2 Dice
1 Collapsible Cup
2 Pens
1 Glowstick
1 Logbook
1 Geocache explanation Sheet  

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons license.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Honey, Got A Sec?


 I can do itIt took me nearly the entire month of November but I won.  Beth had called me in “for a sec” a couple of weeks ago and wanted me to give her an idea of which bolt to use where.  I had no idea what I was walking in to when I ran upstairs to see what was going on. I didn’t even know we had this “thing” that was all over the place, nor did I have an idea what it was.  She didn’t have directions and had spread out all the parts and pieces but “we” somehow lost the directions and parts list so all we had to go by was, well… have a look.  I wasn’t sure if it was a desk, a boat, and RV, or a chicken pen.   I put it together 17 times, each producing a different piece of art.  Can you guess what it is?  I’ll post the results later and let you know it really is!  Be Particular.You'll laugh laterLook what I didI need a drink

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons license.

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