Saturday, February 26, 2011

Morgantown's Muddy Mess

Boy was it a fun day in the air yesterday!  Conditions were a little mushy at Kolb so we all decided to meet at Morgantown. Sadly, Morgantown was 22 times muddier than Kolb was but with 45 minutes between the two - we were staying here. 
Two vehicles (all wheel drive) got stuck in the mud and we left them there until the end of flying time and then all got together and tug-a-war'd 'em out of the mud. Teamwork Rules!
As quickly as I got airborne, the wind picked back up and for the 3 or 4 of us in the air, it was a bit of a bumpy ride. Nothing crazy, but definitely not smooth. We all stayed airborne about 30 minutes before landing to wait it out.  About 20 minutes later it was smooth again and a couple of more folks got airborne again.  If you'd like to watch the video below, I do suggest you changing the resolution to 720p. You can do this on the lower right hand corner of the video box where it say 360.  You may have to open the video up in YouTube by clicking on it to do so.    Enjoy!


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