Thursday, August 30, 2012

A Bird's View

I wanted to make sure I got a chance to fly today because tomorrow morning I'm having knee surgery to repair to tears in the Meniscus of my left knee.  I've been dealing with it for a year now and finally decided that I needed to get it fixed. It's been getting a bit more difficult to climb stairs, exercise, launch, and so forth. Today's flight was back in Morgantown and perhaps nothing new, but it was a very smooth and enjoyable flight.  I flew into a few more coves than normal and stayed relatively lower to the ground; definitely wanted some good video in case the recovery time is longer than the 3-4 weeks that I'm expecting it to be.  

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Inflight Belt Mishap

 Took off this afternoon planning to fly over to the house but never made it! I had launched from Kolb Field in North Phoenixville and not long after crossing past the town my drive belt decided to end the flight and broke. This caused me to have to shut down the motor to avoid internal damage. As I do when I fly my Cherokee, I constantly look for alternate landing sites should the need arise and it did today. Below me, and only 1 mile from my house I could see the Longford Crossing Bark Park. Because there were high tension power lines between me and the dog park, I decided to take the safer route and land in the field adjacent to the factory across the street. Below is the video of that flight.

I do hope you enjoy it! Ya'll be particular!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Fox Two Fox Two

Morgantown Air Force once again defended the Amish Countryside by eliminating the "bad guys".  The previous week (5/12/12) I had taken a short flight and thought I had seen some airborne activity.  I couldn't stay up long because, believe it or not, as I was preparing for launch, I broke my front tooth whilst biting the sleeve of my glove to pull it on my hand.  I got airborne and the pain started to arrive so I kept that flight short.
This week however, (5/19/12), I'm good to go and went hunting.  The fun starts 3 or 4 minutes into the video.

As always, hope you enjoy it and be particular!


Monday, May 14, 2012

Vulcan 1600 Classic, 2005

My new Commuter.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Morgantown Flyability

A look at current conditions for Morgantown.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Little Gap In February

Woke up this morning and looked out the window to see a beautiful winter morning looking back. The winds were from the North and the temp was on its way up to 40*F. I knew I was either going to go to Church, or fake an illness and go flying. Cough Cough.

Beth's Mom had stayed over with us and they had spent all day painting the bath rooms, Ella, each other, the light switches, mirrow, door, floor, and toilet seat. They still had some more to do and I spent the morning walking around within ear's reach coughing and moaning; it worked. Beth looked at me with knowing eyes and gave me the go-ahead-but-you-are-gonna-pay-for-it-look, and down I ran to the garage to load up my wings, my motor, helmets, and radio's.

First stop Little Gap to paraglide with a PPG (Powered Paragliding) buddy of mine, Vassilis. Both he and I had, within the last 6 months, earned our P2 paragliding rating and were looking to start flying out of Little Gap so we had coordinated for an orientation flight today at noon. After running off the mountain, I'd be heading over to Rob's house in Germansville, PA to Power Paraglide with him and working on his business website:

Here is the video from our Paragliding flight off of Little Gap. Vassilis took off approximately 50 feet in front of me but I caught him quickly in my descent to the LZ. Today's flight was a "sledder" (sled ride to the landing area) to the LZ, but I'm not complaining; I still had a ball.

Hope you enjoy the video!
Lil bit of flying this weekend!
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons license.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Kolb In The Morning = 15 Degrees!

This morning I got up early and headed to Kolb Field.  It snowed in our area recently and I wanted to get up and see the view of Mama Natures white covering.  It's too cold to get the Cherokee started without having her preheated, so I took up Shaniqua, my PPG to have a look.  It was definitely cold, but I wore 5 layers of thermals and actually ended up soaking wet with sweat by the time I was done.  I flew for about 25 minutes before deciding the ride was getting pretty bumpy and trashy.  It's supposed to by 60*F tomorrow so the snow will be gone soon enough.

Hope you enjoy the video!

Ya'll Be Particular!


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