Saturday, August 10, 2019

The Kids Bought Us A Boat!

The babies, Ernest and Sophie, surprised Beth and I by getting a pontoon boat for us.  Could you imagine the excitement on their little faces when we discovered that we were boat owners and that they, too, would be able to go playing on the water!
The Kids: Sophie & Ernest
 I got home from work and Ernest was acting a bit strange; kind of like he wanted me to take him somewhere in the truck, with a trailer hitch, and the checkbook.  Who was I to question him, so we jumped in the truck and up the road we went.  He had apparently worked it all out with Greg, the fellow whom he was purchasing the boat from.  We met up in Quakertown to transfer the title and registration, which included a trailer as well.  Good negotiating skills Ernest!  We were even able to get a slip at the lake nearby to keep it in during the open seasons (April - October).
We were so excited to get up to have a look at it. It’s so purty!  We’ve never had a boat before and a couple of months back, when we spent a week over yonder in Kentucky, we had rented a pontoon boat for a couple of days and everyone really enjoyed it.  We didn’t realize it, but Ernest and Sophie must have heard us talking about it and began working on operation “Get Mama A Boat”.  Well, they succeeded for sure!  There is a lot of room on it and we’ve had it out a couple of times already.  Sophie got used to it quickly, while Ernest seems to want to launch off the front of it and fly like Under Dog!  They both have and always wear life jackets so they’ll be safe.  The boat is presently powered by a 20 hp, four-stroke outboard motor.  We have plans of taking it down to The Chesapeake Bay, so we’ll be looking for a bigger motor, atleast 60 hp. 
Captain Beth driving SHUGAH
We’ve added a couple of things to it so far to better equip it for fishing for me. The first addition was a depth finder, as I was a little nervous getting too close to the shoreline and dragging the motor or having a prop strike.  Beth wants to be able to take the babies off the boat to let them stretch their legs when we are out for a few hours.  Next, I found a Garmin Striker 7cv fish finder with clear view (cv) technology and also a depth finder too.  The picture below is so clear, you can distinctly make out tires and trees and fish and structures under water.  Very Cool!

It is worth noting that since Beth has become a boat owner, I’ve hardly been allowed to drive it!  I really do think she like it!    I’ll add a few pics of SHUGAH, which is the boats given name.  Aunt Shoy (Beth’s Sister Joy) suggested SHUGAH for a name and it fits perfectly!  I’ll have to get some of those big letters to put along the back so ‘erbody knows who’s floating by.  Hope you like the pics!

Chillin’ Like A Villan
Beth and The Babies.
Lake Nockamixon Marina 

Saturday, May 25, 2019

Spring Wing 2019

Beth, the babies, and I went down to Campbell Field Airport in Weirwood Virginia for a fun week of powered paragliding, sight seeing, and camping.  What a great time we had!

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