Sunday, June 26, 2011

Scramble Scramble Unknown Rider

This afternoon I was sittin' there minding my own business when the scramble alarm went off.  Seems someone thought we were being invaded from another PPG club and I was sent out to investigate.  Lucky for us, I wasn't the last line of defense cuz I'm always liable to crash before I get airborne, just after getting airborne, or blowing a gasket and just barely reaching the (my) crash site. I got airborne and searched for the boagie and finally spotted him down low.  When I caught him in my new fast wing, I recognized him as one of our own, Rick.  Rick flys KingAir's so he's definitely one of the good guys.  We flew around together for a bit and then I came back to do a planned engine out approach followed later by a real engine out approach.  Enjoy!


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