Friday, October 31, 2008

October Pictures In Review

Valley Forge National Park

Beth and Shane riding through Valley Forge National Park

Isabelle Miller

Flight to Centre Airpark

Isabelle watching Nicole ride

Crazy Horse

Valley Forge National Park


Nicole at Horse Jumping practice


Hot Air Balloon Rides during Oktoberfest

Mo  Otislipps   and  Boomer

My Bully’s Have All Gone Home

These are just a few pictures that we’ve taken during the month of October except for the bottom pictures of Mo, Otis, and Boomer.  Boomer Prince Charles sadly passed on the 26th day of October. He is now with his brother Mo and sister Otis.

Clicking on any picture above will open a larger view. 

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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Pumpkin Bits Everywhere!


Tonight we had our 2nd annual pumpkin carving contest and I didn’t win again!  Not sure if ya’ll heard about last years pumpkin cuttin-up contest but it was a lot of fun, in another town, with lots of beer, and freezing cold temperatures. The picture just below is of some of the entries from last years contest.  I had cut a bulldog out of a little tiny pumpkin but if I remember correctly, someone got scared of me winning and accidentally tripped and push (only mine) my pumpkin over the ledge to join Humpty-Dumpty’s broke back behind on the ground. 


This year I had a plan.  I’d carve my pumpkin across the street and out of harms way. Our friends (both of them) started showing up around 6:00 and immediately the trash talking began.  It seems that last year we started around 3:00 pm so people could actually see what the heck they were carving.  A slight miscalculation on my part, put us carving (after eating dinner) in the pitch black dead of night.  That would be fine with me since I knew I was gonna win anyway!  YAY.  I fired up the grill and cooked a whole herd of chickens legs, arms and boobs, SLAP, breasts. After dinner the carving up began….


pumpkin 1

Pumpkin bits were flying every which away as the contest began. Luckily I got assigned camera duty so I was able to talk smack all I wanted without fear of having to show off my lack of carving skills.  To the right is the birds-eye view from the dome camera.


The initial cuts were quick and resembled Stevie Wonder driving (all over the place). Soon though, the fine carving tools came out and artwork began.  This is about the same time I “accidentally” unplugged the lamp hoping, I mean fearing that someone may make a unwanted cut.


The octopus lamp helped out since I didn’t take into account that it would be nighttime during the contest.  The artwork on display is over on the right.  I forget who won but I knew it wasn’t me again.  Clicking on any of the images should give you a larger view.


We had actually hoped to have the backyard deck finished before the contest date, but weather had slowed down it’s progress.  Next year though we’ll have plenty of room and light to accommodate room for everyone.  Ya’ll have a Happy Halloween and good luck candy hunting!  Ya’ll be particular.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons license.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Oktoberfest in October

St Peters Village

Hey Ya’ll!  Right now we should be exhausted and counting the minutes until bedtime, but due to the uncooperativeness of Mother Nature, our Camp-Out and 75th Anniversary celebration of Kellem (Campbell) Field has been postponed until next weekend.  So with nothing planned, it suddenly became a wide-opened weekend.  Hearing this, the first thing out of Beth’s mouth was, “Honey, we’re gonna have to get some running in!”. DAMN!  SLLLLLLLLAP! I should’ve faked an illness before I’d read aloud the postponement message about the Camp-In, but I hadn’t thought quickly enough. 

The news about the Camp-Out cancellation came on Friday afternoon just a few minutes after I got home from work.  Prior to that, I’d stopped by to pick up some ribs to cook on the grill so we could cook extra and bring some with us to Virginia.  I quickly changed into my bbq’ing attire (shorts, flip-flops, t-shirt,  and Zune) and lit the grill, grabbed an SB (Scrumpdidlyishus Beer), and cranked up the tunes.  As all the other fella’s in the neighborhood do too (I’m sure), I was hoping that the smell of the ribs sprinkled with garlic powder was visiting every house on the block and making everyone curious where the expert chef was.  Certainly, whomever that bbq’ing Sensei is, he should be on tv.  ME?  YAY?  Naw, just kidding’…. 

After consuming the required couple of beers to ensure the proper cooking time had been met, we ate dinner and I managed to get bbq sauce from my navel to the top of my head, including in my left eye.  Boy it was good though!  After choking down what must have been 40 ribs, we started chatting about what we would be doing since our weekend unexpectedly opened up.   While flipping through the newspaper, Beth came up some garage sales in the area and we decided that this is how we’d spend our Saturday morning; searching through other people’s junk to find something that I absolutely positively had to have.  I’m a techno geek so if you can glue a flashing light on a stick, I’ll give you top dollar for it!  YAY! 

Since we’d eaten early, Beth decided that I’d go for a long walk with her to settle our food.  I quickly changed into my shorts with many pockets but just before we left the house, she made me take the hidden beers out of all my pockets.  Damn!  SLAP!  Damn Slap!  D! S! just testing.  I put the beers back and walked out the door with my front lip hanging down and both shoes still untied. 

Good Saturday Morning!  We walked about 600 miles Friday evening and now, on Saturday, we’re going garage sale huntin’.  This is gonna be fun.  We brought along our new camera so we could continue to get used to it by taking 400,000 pictures and picking out the 2 that came out.  I’m hunting for anything that has “as seen on tv” cause I know that’s gotta be some cool stuff!  Beth is hunting for the not fun stuff like china and doiley’s and pretty stuff; not the fun stuff I need.  ooooh oooh, I just thought about something, perhaps I can find one of those contraptions that you hang upside down from. 

This is Lola *(The Bull Mastiff)  and her younger brother beside her.  Po thang, she weighs over a hundred pounds and is very shy and nervous.  We wanted to pet her but as soon as she came jogging out of the front door and saw us standing there, she nearly shat a live puma.  We left her alone but she was a cutie for sure.

With GPS in hand, we set out hunting for treasures.  The first stop Beth selected was St Peters, which is about 30 minutes that way.  We got there and were greeted by a Bull Mastiff and her younger brother of type I don’t know. 
It took a lot of bartering, but I was able to talk the lady and Beth into selling me a work out bench and work out pad to add to our collection of other unused gym items that decorates the whole downstairs. I almost got permission to buy a stationary bike, but since it had neither wheel on it, Beth put her foot down on that one and I didn’t get to get it.  I did get to see the Bull Mastiff up close though and bless her heart, she was afraid of her own shadow. 

Lola The Bull Mastiff

On the way into St Peters, we drove through the center of the village and thought it was beautiful.  We’d noticed a pretty waterfall up the hill and decided that after we finished shopping, we’d stop back by for a closer look.  After all, someone may have bought that weight bench out from under us if we’d delayed our initial shopping! 


We thought this was a really pretty place to come back to for a picnic perhaps, or some other girl stuff.  SLAP!  I meant, bring you, my lovely, picnic’in which is one of mans favorite sports.  yeah! 

We looked around the village and there is lots of work going on to make this a tourist/shopping area.  That’s when we noticed that tomorrow (Sunday) there would be an Oktoberfest here. We’re definitely coming back! Yay

After taking a few more photo’s of St Peters Village, we got back in the car and Beth found a close by (ahem) yard sale 30 minutes on the other side of home, that way! We drove down and through Skippack and saw signs for another Oktoberfest celebration also taking place on Sunday so we put that on our Sunday to-do list too.  Our free weekend was filling up fast!  We went around to a few other yard sales and I tried to buy some VHS movies of James Bond but Beth wouldn’t let me all on account that we don’t have a VHS player. So.  She did buy a antique jar though; no flashing lights on it so it didn’t mean much to me. 

We decided that since we’d be visiting so many Oktoberfest celebrations on Sunday, we’d better attend Church this evening instead, to ask forgiveness before hand; kinda being proactive I’d say.  Also, for those skilled in Oktoberfest Beer Drinkin’ know that the real Oktoberfest, held in Munich (Munchen) Germany, is the last two weeks of September celebrating the arrival of October.  Anyway, we would be celebrating in the middle of October and would be partaking in German beer and food so as far as I’m concerned, they can have Oktoberfest in March as long as we’re invited!

Beth made me bathe before Church, but afterwards I put my shorts and flip-flops back on and we cooked big ole Pork Chops! Hmm Hmm they were good.  No wonder she makes me run and walk and ride bikes all the time, if I ain’t exercising, it sounds like I’m eating! Well, maybe I am.  0    Speaking of exercising, I forgot to mention that after garage sale visiting, but before Church, we did go running and I’m happy to say that Beth is fine.  She pulled a muscle in her, uhm, behiney whilst running so that means I don’t have to run either until it’s all better!  YAY. I mean, I honestly don’t want her hurting, but I don’t have to run for a long time I bet!

It’s Sunday now and I just got back from Running! Son-Of-A-Bi  SLAP!  Honey, I wasn’t gonna really say it. 

Map picture

Beth decided that since she’d awakened early, she would go for a long walk and as I took the first step (walking) with her, she said, “Oh honey, please feel free to go running, have fun, be safe, buh-bye”.  As long as I started jogging before I started cussing, she wouldn’t be able to catch me I said silently to myself…  As I jogged along the Perkiomen Valley Trail that meanders along side the river, I looked for places to hide until Beth walked by and then I could lounge until she returned, but something inside me kept saying how I’d get caught and be in big trouble; I jogged on cussing.

After 30 or 3 miles (whichever sounds more believable), I had jogged to the 3rd bridge, turned around, and was heading back to the car, that would lead to the Oktoberfest, that would enable the German food and beer to reach the front of my head.  I met up with my Honey and homeward bound we went.

After we cleaned up it was still way too early for Oktoberfest so I acted like I was working on the laptop but was really playing Command and Conquer Generals.  I had to keep a work look image on my face even though my army men dudes were getting blown up and set on fire by the bad guys.  I thought my story was working until she commented that I’d got beat up pretty badly by the opposing forces and laughed when I looked dazed and confused on how she knew.  Seems I didn’t plug the earphones all the way in and not only was the sounds of war coming in through my headphones, but it was coming out of the laptop speaker as well, except I couldn’t hear it; Beth could though.  Busted!  I then got to vacuum the entire house. She’s 0.

Finally it was almost time to go and I knew it was almost time cause Beth came out to the car where I was sitting to avoid having to do windows and said, “It’s time to go”; so I knew it was almost time to go.  By the time potty breaks were done, hair was straightened and re-straightened, make up adjusted, shoes changed 7615 times, and complete wardrobes swapped out, a half-hours time had passed.  NOW, it was time to go.  We first drove over to Skippack cause it’s closer to Phoenixville, but left soon afterwards on account that it was a hotrod car show and not Oktoberfest.  I didn’t see one schnitzel nor one beer tent.  Time to go to St Peters!


When we first arrived at St Peters, we knew there was fun stuff going on just cuz we had to park about 1 mile down the road and walk to the village since the streets had become a giant walkplatz. I did feel kinda weird wearing Lederhosen,  just kidding.  I think I would wear a kilt before wearing those things.  To make things easier all around, the only way to buy things (beer and food and more beer) was to find the ticket tent and buy tickets to make those purchases.  That way, there would be no need for change and pick pocketers, and stuff like that.  We bought enough to have lunch (Bratwurst, cabbage, and hot mustard) and washed it all down with beers. YAY


We started hearing a few dogs lose their minds and start barking repeatedly and was curious what it was.  We couldn’t hear it initially from where we were, but as we were walking around we discovered the cause of their lost minds.  A local balloon operator was heating up the air in his balloon to give static line rides to anyone who wanted to float around tied to 50 foot rope – all for the one time low fee of $10.00 a ride.  We’re guessing dogs can hear the roar from the gas torch thing-a-ma-jiggy  in the higher frequencies and perhaps it even hurts their little ears.  I just made up the high frequency bit, but it may be true.  I know something drove those dogs crazy and none of them were looking at me!  Hello.




This photo (to the left) was taken just as we were entering the village. Down around the corner is probably 2000 crazy people shopping, eating, drinking, listening to the live bands.  There is a new band that performs every hour beginning on hour for forty-five minutes. The outgoing band and the incoming band have a combined 15 minutes to setup before the concert is expected to continue.  Standing there drinking beer watching them setup and tear down was quite fun.  This whole village is receiving a face lift so if you are in the area and want a nice fun day, think about stopping by St Peters Village (near Elverson) in Southeastern Pennsylvania.  There are coffee shops, chocolate shops, knick-knack shops, a waterfall, picnic areas.  It’s a really nice place.

Beth had gone into the chocolate shop for a looksie and I was standing there looking like a tourist with my camera so I walked on the side porch of the chocolate shop and discovered this little creek running right behind it.  It was really pretty and the quiet soft sounds the water was making through the rocks could have quickly put me to sleep. Luckily the dogs minds were still lost because of the balloon and they continued to bark and bark, keeping me awake.  We’ll definitely be packing a lunch in the future to come back up and spend a few more hours up here.   My patience was rewarded because when Beth returned, she was carrying two chocolate pretzels with toffee melted on top of the chocolate.  I think mine was good but ate it so quickly that it could have tasted like corn-chip smelling feet and I wouldn’t have known it.  Let’s just say it was delish!


The late afternoon was arriving and we hadn’t eaten in, oh, 45 minutes, so we thought we’d head home to finish watching the football games and act like couch potatoes for the rest of the day.  We walked the mile back to the car only to find some crazy lady walking up and down the street writing license plates down and hollering at people saying “the police are on the way to arrest everyone”.  I thought she was a bit funny because nobody that had parked there was on her property (we parked in a church); nor was any sane police officer going to drive all the way out the St Peters Village to listen to some crazy lady hollering about mashing her grass down with car tires.  We stood there and watched as others walked up to their cars laughing at loopy lady and driving away.  I couldn’t believe that people were laughing at her so loudly, and then Beth told me to quiet down and get in the car.  I did and homeward bound we drove leaving mashed down grass in our wake.  Beth phoned the pizza place just up the street from home and by the time we arrived, the pizza was just coming out of the oven.  Now here we sit on the couch, eating pizza, and watching football.  We had a pretty good weekend considering we thought it would be a wash due to our flying plans getting cancelled.  We’re planning on flying down to Virginia next weekend if the anniversary fly-in is a go.  The weather is forecasted to be iffy for the moment but we’ll see.  Until then, ya’ll be safe and don’t drive in the grass.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons license.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Centre Airpark Camp-In, Two In A Row


"Yes Honey, It's going to be warm camping out tonight.  I think it's gonna be at-the-coldest around 70 degrees."

Had Beth known I was lying through my teeth, they'd have been slapped out before I even started my checklist.  I didn't know it was gonna be so cold that the cattle would be wearing hoodies & leg warmers, but I knew it was gonna be chilly.  I did remind her to bring a wind breaker. 

We were both really excited about getting back to Centre Airpark this year after attending our very first flying camp-in at this same airport just last year.  We got up early Saturday morning and I had the grill going by 8:00 a.m. cooking our super secret tater & onion & bacon & garlic mixed-up-and-cooked-on-the-grill-for-about-an-hour recipe.  Last year we'd brought along 2 batches and Beth made me give both of 'em away so this year I brought 4.  Beth found the one I had hidden in my headset bag and made me give 'em all away at the dinner this year too.  

The Forecastin' Fella on TV said it was gonna be a sunny and warm weekend.  No worries of a cloud in the sky I'm sure he said. Well, that's atleast what I had told Beth he'd said.  There must have been something lost in the transalation because the ceiling was coming down and it had grabbed a hold of the temperature and was bringing it down too.

Here (to the left) we were about 40 miles from Centre Airpark, weighing in at about 8000 pounds (household items plus), and smelling like taters & onions & bacon & garlic mixed-up-and-cooked-on-the-grill-for-about-an-hour.

We were ready for Centre Airpark part duex! Damnit!  SLAP!   Honey! That was just an expression, Damnit!  SLAP!

The field looked awesome!  We flew the pattern to runway 06 and after parking the Viking Witch, we learned that the fella next to us in the cub had disobeyed a direct order and Uncle Sam had sent someone down to manipulate an attitude adjustment along with a little proficiency training!  Nah, I'm just kidding.  One of the fine EAA'ers was hunting his camera lens cover and asked this Civil Air Patrol Officer to pick his airplane up and give it a shake or two.   I could just hear his mama,  "PUT THAT PLANE DOWN SON, NOW!"  Guess what?  He found his lens cap! He did! 

Jack (in the background to the left) is the owner of Centre Airpark.  I'd love to sit down with him for a few days and listen to his stories.  Someone please write 'em down and send them to me!

I ain't messin' with that dude. He's liable to pull my tooth out!

After parking the Viking Witch we began unloading her and soon the big dent in the ground caused by the weight of her began straightening itself out and was no longer  lower than Furnace Creek California (below sea level).  We had brought everything we own plus the stuff in the neighbors garage that we could sneak out when they weren't looking.  We'd sent the address to Allied Van Lines to deliver the rest of the furniture and the new outdoor equipment we'd bought on the way to the airport.  Since we were only staying overnight, I was surely hoping it would be delivered before noon the following day.

Beth asked me several times why everyone was walking around carrying coats with them; I'd told her how warm I "thought" it was gonna be so she would still come.  I'm sure I would be close.  About that same time, I heard someone hollering from down the way that the movie would be in-doors on account of the freezing temperatures.  My head grew heavy and I nearly passed out thinking that Beth has heard those same words.  Somehow she hadn't and the beating that would soon be coming had been delayed for yet a little bit longer. 

After setting up the tent backwards and upside down, we finally got it fixed up right and ended up having to hand pull the plane out of the way of the tent door in order to use it.  Beth has finished unpacking the clothes and getting them all put away in the dressers and had just sat down to take a break before the moving van arrived.  I took advantage of the break and pulled out our new Nikon D40 Digital SLR that we'd just bought.  It has a ton of cool buttons and switches and even another lens that I have no idea what any of them do.  I just took a few photo's with one lens, changed lenses and took a few more, than flicked a switch here and there and kept pushing the button.  I'm sure someone read through my Gilligan stare and knew I was the Nikon Village Idiot.

The folks here are truly good people.  It was nice to see familiar faces of those that we'd met last year.  Everyone had a big smile and a warm hello and that was nice.  Jim and his boy Jack stopped by to say hello and soon they were off flying.  Later, we would meet Jack's Grandparents and that was a real treat for us too. They are wonderful as well and we got the chance to talk with them for a bit. 

Jim & Jack were on a mission.  They were heading down to their plane for a quick spin around the patch.  Jim's Wife has a gorgeous Aeronca that she let’s Jim fly. rofl

If I remember correctly, Jack is 6 and will no doubt make a great pilot.  If you can zoom in to their departure picture, both fella's are looking and waiving. Maybe they’re just trying to get the prop started again….nah, just kidding… that’s the new camera and the fact that I don’t know what I’m doing.  I’m sure there is a way to get the prop blur like it’s supposed to have, maybe.  I think.  Or, was the prop stopped.  Nice tricks Jim, does your wife know you’re flying her aircraft like Bob Hoover?

Looking down the flight line, there were lots of planes, ultra lights, gyrocopters, tail-wheels, singles, twins, RV's, and huge pickups. Oh, and one tent.....ours.  I wonder if Beth has noticed yet that the temperature has already dropped 10 degrees in the 2 hours since touching down on 06?   Shhhhhh

I heard airplanes cranking!

Click on them to have a closer look.Gyrocopter


I knew I heard something big cranking up and before too long a C207 immerged from behind the FBO.  What a purty aircraft, with luggage pod and all.  As quickly as Beth saw it, she wanted one cause now she would be able to bring even more stuff to the camp out.  I’m figuring that caravan could carry probably at least 3/4 of her shoes. SLAP! Honey! I dare you to slap me one more time, just one morSSSSSSSSSSSLAP! Honey!  (winding up), You So Purty! 


The Caravan driver dude flew a left closed traffic pattern and gave us a high speed pass.  Where ever he was going – it wouldn’t take long.  Nice airplane!  

Did someone say Yuengling? I wasn’t gonna be doing any flying tonight and somehow a beer had fallen out of the zipped up cooler and the beer cap fell off. Heck, I had to drink it!  And the other one too. It was supper time! 

It was getting close to 6:00 pm and I could see fella’s starting to look towards the chow hanger.  Some of them were acting like they weren't interested in getting there first but I had been sizing them up since we’d arrived and I figured if I got to running downhill, I may just beat a couple of them to the hanger.  We all took off running about the same time and knew we were in trouble when we rounded the corner and were faced with an obstacle course of Winnebago's and pick up trucks.  Narrowly missing a mirror and port-a-potty, I wind sprinted for the hanger and nearly panicked when I realized that the hanger door itself was closed and now we’d be fighting to get in through one small little door that I happened to be farthest from.  I hit the brakes and barely escaped running down through a farm field.  I wouldn’t even finish in the top 3.  My precious Beth,….Beth?  Bethhhhh?   OH LAWD HELP ME, I had forgotten to tell Beth that the dinner bell had rung. I’m gonna tell her that Jack (Airpark Owner) had called me over to the other hanger to show me a Beech 18 twin tailed twin cept she’ll know I’m lying cause I can see her up the hill talking to Jack now.   This is gonna hurt….    Hi Honey, I went down and saved us a seat cept I didn’t have anything to mark the seat with so chances are we won’t have one when we get there but we can go whenever you want cause I ain’t in no hurry and if you want to leave some secret tater & onion & bacon & garlic mixed-up-and-cooked-on-the-grill-for-about-an-hour dinner bits for later we can do that too but only if you want to.  No I ain’t lying about nothing.  Hi Jack, I heard you were looking for me…

Dinner, as we knew it would be, was awesome.  So many secret recipes and other good fixin’s brought in from all corners.  I was spoiled for choice so I took little bits of near about everything there. Excellent!  I had, once again, eaten my own body weight in dinner stuff.  About the time I took the last bite, someone had to go and say aloud “dessert”.  Dinner lasted about 90 minutes and after everyone was nearly about to explode, the lights dimmed and the picture screen lit up.  One of the fella’s who also has a camera (and unlike me, knows how to use it) showed his Oshkosh photo’s that he’d taken during EAA’s Air Venture.  Beth and I had also gone to Oshkosh and I’ve yet to finish that blog entry (it’s coming, I promise).  He had taken lot’s of great photo’s and we (Beth and I) learned of quite a number of things we’d missed that we’ll have to see next year – like the museum and sea plane base.  We’re going again and hope to see some familiar faces. After the slideshow came a Disney production on a couple of youngens getting there glider ratings.  We both thought it was a great production and it’s amazing how the regulations have changed in just a few short years (about 40).  This young fella wanted to get his glider rating and obtain some advanced qualifications except he kept on crashing his glider.  His instructor was very patient, even after he took the glider swimming in a pond with a herd of ducks.  He’d learned that trick after watching this young lady crash her glider into the ocean.  There, she called in a conveniently standing by Pawnee to land on the sea shore and try to tow her out.  She had other plans though and had apparently watched a recent James Bond movie because all she wanted to do was go scuba diving using her glider as a submarine.  After a few attempts she got airborne and only crashed a few more times later that day.  Meanwhile, the boy had earned his glider rating and elected to fly his glider into a thunderstorm and practice aileron roles while in IMC conditions.  He’d seen a large chicken hawk flying in the thermals and followed him out of harms way.  After landing in the middle of nowhere, he was able to get this toothless guy with a Model T to sign his X on the line and then tow his glider back into the air to continue his 1900 mile journey all in one afternoon.  He successfully climbed his glider the required 117,000 feet and covered a distance of 1311 miles.  He earned his ratings.  Ok Ok, perhaps I’ve forgotten one or two of the particular’s of the story, but I really did enjoy it.  I can’t remember the name of it, but if someone sends me the title, I’ll edit this bit ->( bit to edit here ) to include the title.

After the movie ended, it was time to head on up to the tent for bed.  “Honey, why can I see my breath?”  “uhm, did you brush your teeth?”  SLAP!  “Honey, it’s cold”.  I tried to explain the concept of un-forecasted instantaneous freezing conditional environmental situations but she wasn’t falling for it so I broke down and admitted that it was supposed to drop into the upper 60’s.  She wasn’t buying it and I knew that I’d just lost my own sleeping bag as I’d just been volunteered to donate it to operation-keep-Beth-warm.

The next morning after waking up I told Beth that it had dropped down to a mild 36 degrees.  I know this as true because at 3:30 I’d gotten up to get rid of one of those Yuengling’s I was telling you about and checked the temperature.  My forearm had frozen itself to my forehead so I’m sure I was a site to see heading to the porta-a-potty in the foggy dark.  I was able to get back to sleep but it did take a while.  I looked over at Beth and she was wrapped in 2 sleeping bags, a blanket, and long-johns – looking all cozy and warm, while I had 2 paper towels to cover up with, oh, and flipflops.  One of these days I’m gonna learn something (I’m not sure what though). 
This morning visibility is less than 20 feet and we feel bad for the folks in hanger because they’ve just put on 600 pounds of sausages and have cooked about 22,000 pancakes.   I’d asked Ron if he knew what the expected burn off time would be and he smiled and said “Soon”. I knew all would be well.

Foggy Morning

We rolled the portable wheel barrow of toiletries up to the FBO restroom and got ready to face the day.  A couple of hours later and we head down to eat breakfast. 

I was still filled up from dinner but I told myself I was on holiday and mozy’d on up to the food line.  Sausages, pancakes, fruit, coffee, syrup, and orange juice and we were filled back up.  Another great meal and now I’m wondering if we’ll get airborne or not after having eaten yet again.  I made a big mistake by saying that out loud and my precious Butterbean declared that we were going to go and walk it off. I faked an illness but she didn’t buy it.  She’d seen me fake illnesses 7 days in a row last month in Williamsburg Virginia when we were on vacation and it was time to run and she wasn’t going to buy it this morning either.  Ron met us down near his pick’em up and offered us the use of his truck to drive into town but Beth had given me one of those looks that your Mama may have given you in church when you were a kid and I knew I had to say no thanks cause Beth was making me exercise yet again.  I exercised last month!  And on top of that, just as my luck goes, we walked out to the road, turned right, heard a skunk get ran over up over the hill, and walked through skunk funk for the next 30 miles.  We did snap a few photo’s though…. click to enlarge….

The fog did burn off quickly just as Ron had directed it too.  Shortly there was activity all over the place with planes coming in from all directions!

CAP Flight


3 In The Pattern

Soon it was time to pack all up and head back to Wings Field in Philadelphia.  We can’t wait for next year’s camp-in and hopefully we’ll get to see the good folks of Centre Airpark and the 1327th again very soon!  Thanks again for the groups wonderful hospitality and we look forward to see ya’ll, our friends, again soon.

Beth and Shane

Centre Airpark 2008

Our Favorite Tree, Last year we had a picture taken near this tree too.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons license.

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