Sunday, June 12, 2011

Mother Nature: 2 Me: 0

Man-O-Man was Mother Nature a wench this weekend.  First, We all drove up to New Tripoli Pennsyvlania to visit with Rob and fly at one of his fields.  Matt & Ginger had gone up to rebuild the carb on Matt's paramotor, and Beth and I showed up an hour later to install some camera mounts on Bertha so I could add some more camera angles to my flights.  After everything was all put back together, we loaded up and drove up the road to do some flying in the fields.  The wind was howling a lil bit but it felt steady, and therefore predictable.  I launched and immediately wished I hadn't.  I landed about 30 seconds later.  That was Saturday. On Sunday, I flew out at Kolb while Beth ran the perimeter of the runway a few times. I got airborne and the ride wasn't bad but clouds began to quickly build and I was afraid that a thunderstorm was developing and didn't want to get launched over to North Dakota - so I landed, loaded up, and will wait for next weekend.  I hate it when I can't fly long.  :-(  Po Me.
Here's the vid: 


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