Sunday, June 5, 2011

Lil Ole Ride In The Sky

Did some camping out this weekend with Ella.  I went flying for a bit then Ella and I played frisbee and she taught me how to chase bugs.  She was such a lil "ham" out there getting scratchin's from everyone and quickly identifying snack opportunities. Its funny to watch her "in action" as she wiggles up to someone and gives them a big ole smile and then promptly rolls over on her back for a belly run, and oh yea - a snack too.  If she wasn't so good at it, I'd have to stop her from doing it, little baconator!
She loves camping out and is a great tent mate; she doesn't snore (too loudly) and only toots occasionally!  She IS a Bulldog after all.  :-)  Hope you enjoy the video.


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