Sunday, May 22, 2011

Wheat! It's what's for Dinner

The weather has been getting nicer and we're starting to notice more and more of the 2010 crowd come back out to fly with us.  It's really nice to see the PAPPG (Pennsylvania Powered Paragliders, gang back out again.  We're already starting to plan some weekend campouts, cross country flights, and perhaps poker runs and flight competitions.  It's really a fun time. You can contact the instructor via the logo on the wing there (see picture) and schedule a tandem ride to see if you like it and if this is something you may like to learn to do.  It's really an amazing ride! 

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Parajets and Rollercoasters

The weatherman said "Good To Go" but Mother Nature chuckled silently as she watched me putting my gear together to go flying. 
Vassilis was also out today in Morgantown and had brought along his new Wing and ParaJet paramotor.  Very nice setup indeed!
My launch ended up being a comedy act as I was pulled left and started running towards the bean fields.  Rather than harvest the crops I killed the motor and straightened out my wing to go again.  Vassilis' was ready to go so away he went with his new motor - which is very quiet and VERY powerful.  Once he got airborne he began a quick climb and then powered way back to avoid a self-induced airshow.  I launched next and immediately decided I wasn't loving the ride today.  Very lifty/sinky today and I elected to land and fly again later - when it would be much more enjoyable.  The only problem was, dispite how hard I tried, I couldn't lose altitude on short final and kept going around for another go.  Lot's of convective activity on the hill today and finally after a bunch of low apporaches, I was able to land.  Vassilis did the smart thing and killed his engine 1/4 mile final and rode the roallercoaster back to the field. 

Watching the video at YouTube in HD gives you the best picture.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Playin' In Poo, Mount Parapoo That Is

Woke up early this morning and headed out to Morgantown.  Winds were forecast to come from the South so I chose Morgantown instead of Kolb, however the wind was actually as calm as could be. Wasn't too bad though, as I was able to point down hill and run like a crazy woman ata hair spray sale and got airborne headed South.
With only a couple of exceptions, I hadn't yet "cut the cord" and stayed fairly close to the field. I did recently venture to Cow Mountain and a couple of other areas, but today I wanted to climb Mount Parapoo. I'd heard others talk about it but was still a little too cautious to go that far. I did today and loved it!  
After visiting Parapoo, I headed towards the cows again to check on them, then flew East towards the windmill cafe'.  The conditions were absolutely smooth as glass all morning and I never once got bounced around and enter lifty-sinky air.  It was the best air yet this year.  I'm sure there is more to come, but up until now it had been the smoothest in 2011.
Welcome to Mount Parapoo!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Blown Up Over Phoenixville

Got up early this morning to depart from Kolb Field and head West to join up with Matt who would be flying in from Morgantown.  I figured I'd get in a warm up flight in the area, then land and refuel before heading out to meet him.  I never made it.
I had been hanging out over the golf course watching the morning golfers head to their golfcarts to load up their clubs. There were a couple of hackers already out but not many.  I'd just finished a light 360 overhead and began heading over to the East to overfly my house - didn't make that either.  Bertha's exhaust blew up and actually cracked completely in half.  Luckily, the muffler was well attached and no pieces flew off.    After landing and putting Bertha away, Matt arrived at Kolb Field after a 22 miles cross country journey!  Great Job Dude.  The rest of us will be doing that soon!

Enjoy the vid:   

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