Monday, September 15, 2008

Williamsburg Virginia – Day Two

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"Honey, I'm on vacation too and I say we ain't running nowhere, damnit!" SLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLAP!

This morning we started the day with an early morning run around the area.  Boy was it humid too!  After re-inserting my eyes from which they had been slapped loose, and getting my mouth washed out with soap for cussing, I grabbed my lil Garmin Forerunner and away we went.  The route was actually not that bad, although there were a bunch of hills - and I hate hills!  Lots of pretty houses though to look at and help me try to forget that I'm out there doing something healthy.  Why can't we drink beer for breakfast whilst on vacation?  Is there a rule on that? 

jogging route

  I think we probably ran 50 or 60 miles, or perhaps three but don't tell no one.  Shhhh, we're on vacation!

Today Beth had to go to Austin Texas for a work meeting that takes place all day tomorrow. After we finished running Beth packed up her work stuff and we left around lunchtime to go the airport.  I took a shortcut on the way and got us thoroughly lost, but it's was a vacation lost so it wasn't as bad as a late-for-work lost.  She ended up having to fly down yonder to Charlotte first and then catch a connecting flight out to Austin.  We didn't know it at the time, but I could have went into the airport with her as it (Richmond International) is built much more user friendly, having places and things to see before having to go through security.  We could have eaten lunch in a nice restaurant/pub inside the airport.  We'll know next time....

After dropping off Butterbean (Beth) at the airport I followed the signs around to the other side of the airport to the Richmond Aviation Museum to go and have a look.  There's a ton of older aircraft and a few newer ones, including one designed by Dick Rutan that is powered by a lil C150 engine that propels the little 2 seater in excess of 200 mph!  I'll have to get one of those one day. 

I spent about an hour walking around the museum looking at all the various static displays and reading the descriptions of each.  I guess I'm becoming a history buff in my old age, especially since yesterday's time spent in Yorktown was still fresh on my mind; I was really enjoying reading the history of each of these older aircraft.  Some of these aircraft, however, aren't that much older than the Viking Witch.  If we hadn't of wanted to bring the bikes down with us, we'd have flown her down.  I hope she's doing well back yonder in BlueBell PA.  I betcha she is! We'll be flying Nicole back up to Alfred University on Sunday when she goes back to school.

Here are some more pictures of just a few of the many aircraft that are in the museum.







I had a great time walking around the Aviation Museum here at Richmond International Airport.  As soon as I walked out of the building, my phone vibrated telling me that I had a voice-mail.  It was Beth letting me know that there was shopping and restaurants and such in the public area of the airport and I could come back in. The voicemail was an hour and a half old so I knew I'd missed the opportunity.

I headed back to the car and was now going to drive over to look at a bunch of presidential grapes!  Actually, the place is called Presidents Park and it features busts of each of the presidents.  Each "statue" stands 16-20 feet high and the park also has either the real fuselage or a mockup of the original Air Force One.  I'll have to research the info later to see if it's the actual one or not.  Rather than post all 103 pictures that I took of Presidents Park, I'll post a link HERE that will take you to a slide show to have a look if you'd like.  It's a very cool place.  I'll still post a couple of photo's to give you an idea of what you'll see if you elect to look at the whole slideshow. 

Rutherford Birchard Hayes, Our 19th President
This Statue Is 18 Feet Tall

Collage Of Photo's Taken At Presidents Park

The park is really neat to walk around in and learn interesting facts about the presidents.  For example, did you know that President Andrew Jackson was our only president to have been a prisoner of war, had a slash down his forehead, and 2 bullets in his body! Or, which president was a preacher, a teacher, a college president and orator? Hmm?  Why that would be President James Garfield. 

I would have included some pictures of the original Air Force One but unfortunately it has been packed up and sent off to the national convention. Oh well, looks like we'll have to come back down to see it another time. 

Who watched the ballgame tonight?  Monday Night Football bixtweenst the Eagles of Philadelphia and the Dallas Cowboys.  Beth and I are were both obviously hollerin' for the Eagles but unfortunately for us, the Cowboys pulled it off in the end, 41 - 37. For those that saw the game though, maybe you'll agree that it was one of the better Monday night games. 

Just hung up with Beth on the phone (in Austin).  She sent me this photo taken looking out of her hotel room window (this is not the Capital in DC, although it looks like it at first glance). This is the Texas State Capital building.

OK Ya'll,  It's time to go to bed as it's almost tomorrow and I'm tired.  Beth won't be back until midnight tomorrow so I'm having beer and cheerio's for breakfast and you can bet I ain't running tomorrow; this time for real.

Ya'll be particular! G'Night!

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