Friday, September 19, 2008

Williamsburg Virginia - Day Six


Hello Again!  What a busy day we had today.  I lost out on my pledge last night when I said I was gonna fake an injury.  Beth woke me up this morning at 20 minutes after 6:00 am and told me that I was gonna get to try out my new shoes after all.  There was no bruising to my dislocated feet and my ankles had not swollen like I had told her I was sure that they would.  We ran.  I didn't wanna run, I wanted to eat donuts and drink coffee and sit in the living room in my boxer shorts and play with the dog. But noooooooooo, Miss Jogger USA wanted to run!   "I got an idea! Why don't you go and" SLAP!  "Honey, let's go joggin, I said."


I get tired just looking at our route.  She ran about 20 miles an hour I guess and finished in 30 minutes.  I finished sometime after lunch so doesn't that mean I get a beer?  Don't you eyeball me.  Beer has all sorts of healthy bits like barley and wheat and hops and vitamin B and 2 vitamin E's and a vitamin R is what I heard.

These Garmin Forerunners work really well so I can always prove that I went running.  Except for this afternoon of course.  I wore it all day but she wouldn't believe that I jogged 143.7 miles and averaged 71mph.  I can't believe she didn't believe me.

We really did go 143.7 miles this afternoon but obviously, it wasn't on foot.  I'll tell you about it in a minute or two, whenever you get down to the bottom of today's blog entry.

After joggin, and before the sun hardly climbed above the horizon, we showered, ate yogurt (yuck) and got in the car and drove to Historic Williamsburg to look around.  That was cool!  We took over 100 pictures while we were there and ate sammiches and had a beer and petted a horse and saw a cow and bought a postcard. Here's a few pictures we took....

Entrance to the Historic Williamsburg area.  It's a beautiful place, but again, we were a bit disappointed when they wanted money to see everything doggone near.  It may be hard to tell it here, but the "table" on the bottom of the picture is a replica of Williamsburg with 3D building sticking out of the table.  It's equipped with street names and and the surrounding terrain. A beautiful waterfall trickles down in the back ground.  Very Nice!

I had to laugh because I told Beth I could read sundials (just after I looked at my watch). She was amazed that I knew it was 11 minutes after 1:00 pm!

The Redcoats are here!  Officers rode around on horseback whilst the enlisted troops marched along on foot.  Those uniforms have to be hot and they are authentically made of wool.  No Thank You Ma'am!  There were several places that we couldn't go without giving them more money so.....we didn't go.  Don't get me wrong, they did a really nice job maintaining everything, but I felt like everytime I turned around, they were asking us for more money.  Negative on that one!

Some dude was hittin' on Beth.  She said he introduced himself as Thomas Jefferson but I bet he was just trying to act cool.
There were tons of shops and buildings to look in and shop at.  There were speakers and story tellers (that we missed, bummer) and there were guided tours all about the area.  We'll have to plan another trip down this way soon. It sure is a beautiful area.

The time here was really fun.  To see the whole slideshow of pictures we took of Colonial Williamsburg, please click HERE.


Again, we had a really fun time in Colonial Williamsburg and while we were there, we stepped out of the "towne" and entered into the market area cause Beth had some power shopping she "needed" to do.  On of the first stores we came upon was a Peanut store that sounded fun so we went in.  The fact that they had dog bowls outside with water and biscuits made us like the place before we even went in.  When we got inside, I almost had to laugh out loud because there were many opened peanuts cans allowing people to take taste tests.  The funny part is, the BAPE's (Big-Arsed Peanut Eaters) SLAP! sorry, the "occupiers-of-more-space-peanut-eaters put such serious looks on their faces as they were cramming their hands into the cans of peanuts.  They looked like they were professional wine tasters as they approached the peanut cans with slobber on their chins and twinkles in their eyes.  SLAP... sorry honey,  the non-starved starving peanuts eaters enjoyed their jobs as peanut taste testers very much. 

As you can tell by the large bag in the background, Beth was successful at her shopping adventure and found a Williams-Sonoma store that was calling her name.  After all that touring and shopping, we were starving.  I only had one beer for lunch (it was 34 ounces & YAY! For lunch, we ate at "The Cheese Shop" and it was delicious.  We still had a few more hundred-thousand places to see before the day was over so we finished our lunch and headed back out on the tourist scene to continue our journey back in time.   I was enjoying the day but looking forward to stopping by the Piggly Wiggly on the way back to the room and buying a couple of big ole thick steaks, along with some corn still in the shuck, and asparagus, and sweet potato's to cook all on the grill.  Hmmm Hmmmm mmmm!  Just a few more minutes and we'd be on the way to start the grill!  Nice!

Here's a quaint little colonial house with some folks sitting outside chatting.  I bet the conversation was quite a bit different back then. Not any less important mind you, but quite a bit difference.  What would you talk about?  No internet, no email, no tv, no football, no aircraft, no space shuttle, no radio... I guess we'd talk about chickens and heffers.  Speaking of which, we saw a few.

What a fun looking tree to climb!P9190078

Look at that cute lil thing.  I suppose back in the day, these cattle were like gold.  I've no idea how old this little thing is, but it sure does look cute though.  I'm not sure what the purpose of the harness is on it's little head, but it looks like it can get in the way of it opening it'll little mouth and getting a hooter in to have a swaller of milk.  Well, I think at least that it'll lead a long and happy grass-eating life and not be put in the veal line.  You go little fella!


Honey,  I know it's 5:00 o'clock PM, but can we go to Virginia Beach?


So at 5:00 pm tonight, we left to go 70-something miles to Virginia Beach Virginia, and I don't know why?  This will be fun, a nice long walk along the beach watching the sun go down (behind us) cause we'll be looking to the East at the water while the sun goes down behind us.
The beach was beautiful when we go there. The bird population though, was 50,000 birds to 1 acre of beach land. Don't look up!

We had been to the beach for about 6 minutes and had just only seen the water and wave for 22 seconds when I heard....
OK, we can go back now.


uh uh, oh no we ain't.  We drove 900 miles to Virginia Beach at midnight and we ain't just turning around and leaving now.  We're doing something!  Damnit!


K, honey, uhm, ouch!?

We walked about a mile down the beach and went into the Maui Maui restaurant located inside the Radisson Hotel.  We had a great seafood dinner at 10:00 pm and then left to go back to Williamsburg.  It's 12:45 am tomorrow now so I'm going to bed.  Ya'll be safe and be particular!

Shane & Beth 

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