Thursday, September 18, 2008

Williamsburg Virginia - Day Five


Amelia Did It! or maybe it was Earnest!  No No Wait, I think it was Lemont.  Maybe!

Well hello again.  This afternoon/evening turned out to be pretty fun; this morning, EARLY this morning, Beth made us go to the gym to lift weights, and then during the business hours of the day,  Beth had some followup work to do, but that's not a problem because it gave me the chance to work on next weeks Penn State lesson, which if you remember from an earlier blog is the ADDIE model. Beth is working on Excel spreadsheet stuff that spawned from her meeting in Austin on Tuesday so we both planted our behiney's in the living room and worked till 3:55 pm; honest!  The dog didn't move the whole time either.

We looked at the various brochures for the area an know of a few places that we want to go while we're here.  For starters, we're definitely going to visit the "Historic Triangle" which includes Williamsburg, Yorktown, and Jamestown. Having already been to Yorktown, we have Williamsburg and Jamestown remaining.  We took off and headed to Jamestown after getting ready and arrived at 5:03pm  Bummer! They closed Jamestown at 5:00!  Po thing, Beth stood out front with her bottom-lip sticking out.  We'll have to get over there tomorrow or Saturday. We are supposed to check out on Saturday but that doesn't mean we have to leave in the morning!  There's still lots to see around here!  Oh Yeah!

Entrance to the Jamestown Settlement.  The only "sad" thing about it is, they completely commercialized it and charge you to even look at it.  This is quite different from Valley Forge where we live. One can spend all day in the park (often we do) and never be charged a dime. Plus, there are running/jogging/riding routes all over the place.  It's nice to run, I mean the view is nice while running although the running part ain't fun.  I'm filing for workman's comp if she makes me run anymore damnit!  SuuuuLAPPPPP!

I was looking at Beth, Beth was looking at a boat, and the boat was flying up the James River making all the wildlife lose their minds.  I do wish the park had been open because just up the waterway floats three large historically accurate replica's of the ships of the day.  We didn't see them so I don't know if they were the Santa Anna, Santa Barbara, And Santa Claus.

We drove along Colonial Parkway for a little bit and snapped a couple of photos from the information posts that are stuck in here and there.

Jamestown:  Across the swamp lies Jamestown Island; Powhatan Creek below you, takes its name from the Indian Chief. To the right is Glasshouse Point, place of early glassmaking and later a part of the suburb of "James Cittie"

Neck Of Land - near "James Citty": This area, like a peninsula and bounded on three sides by marsh, is just across Buck River from Jamestown Island. In 1625 there were a number of houses and 25 persons were living here.  The settlement had close community ties to "James Citty" and sent representatives to the General Assembly there.

The sun down here has been really nice, and except for the humidity, the weather has been quite perfect.  Surprisingly, I have only been bitten a couple of times by skeeters and Beth's hasn't been bitten once.  Beth wanted to buy a sweater before the dinner theatre tonight so we left closed-up Jamestown and headed for the shopping center.  I still hadn't gotten nuthin', but that is about to change.  YAY

Marshalls' Is The Bomb!  I was throwing stuff in the grocery cart like a crazy woman at a shoe sale!


Beth found a pair of shoes and a sweater that she is wearing right now, but I found 3 pairs of shoes, 3 socks, 2 Zune speakers, and 2 history books on the area.  I was so tickled pink that I was grinning from ear to ear like a mule eatin' bryars! Mmmm Hmmmm.

Whilst Beth was in Austin working, I had been online trying to find plays that were showing in the area so we could go out one night and get educated to the finer thespian and theatrical events of the area.  She didn't know I was doing this and therefore couldn't suggest to me the lateral limits of which theatrical performances I could select from.  As a result, I picked GhostBashers at the all-you-can-eat Captain Georges house of seafood, grits, and hominy.  We had a brilliant time!

Captain George's is huge!  It has a seating capacity in its main restaurant area of 800 people. Honest!  We had to stand out in the back yard to get our tickets - no, not from a scalper - but the entrance to the theater area. Some dude in pajama's walked out to brief us on what would be happening as we approached the hour of 7:00 pm.  He would come out every 5 minutes beginning at 6:30 to tell us the same thing; I think he was crazy too.  When we finally got seated, Beth needed a beer or four!  Ok Ok, perhaps those ALL weren't Beth's, but then again......

The pajama'd fella led us all into the buffet area and turned us loose, table by table.  I started with all the unhealthy fried stuff (oysters, fish, clams, chitlens, grits, tomatos, ice-cream, shrimp, mussells, and donuts), while Beth started with a salad.

The lady sitting next to me started with dessert and a lot of it.  I was nervous that all the cheese cake and rice pudding would be eaten by this lady before I had a chance to choke some down.  We had 30 minutes to eat before the show started, but we would be allowed to go back during intermission 1 and intermission 2.  At intermission 1, Beth and I ran back and got a couple of small desserts and a fresh Yueng-Ling. Intermission 2 somehow found me at the fried chicken pit holding a chicken's breast in one hand and a piece of cornbread in the other.  I managed to eat my own body weight tonight.  The lights dimmed and the show began ...

When we were first seated, the cast members came to each table (We were table 2, front-row center), and passed out a clue sheet and money that we would use to buy clues.  The show was about a series of hauntings and shortly after the show starts, one of the main characters is murdered!  Lawd Ham Mercy!  Through the rest of the show, the audience attempts to solve the murder case using their clue sheet and filling in the blanks as they are acted out on stage.  Beth and I both figured it out!  Ok, Beth figured it out and I figured she was right, especially after I looked at the dessert lady's clue sheet and she had the same thing too so I copied their sheets and joined them on the slueth's list.

This fella is Emmet, who is one of the GhostBashers.  I wanna be a GhostBasher too!  He's been called out to assist in capturing ghosts here at the Quarterway House.  The house was built in 1630 and believed to have been built on an ancient Indian burial ground and the place of the death of Chief Powhatan.  The Quarterway House has become one of Virginia's most historic and well-known Bed and Breakfasts.

This is Pete McGowan, owner of the Bed and Breakfast  where the haunting and the murder takes place.  Not sure if you can see them in this picture of not, but the picture of the lady on wall there to the right has eyes that light up.  I think she has pink eye or something.

After the show, Beth asked them if we could take their picture and the next thing we knew, they had drug us up on stage and some other fella had our camera and was snappin' photo's left and right. 
We really did have fun and I'm so happy that we went.  The food was superb and the performance showed us a great time.  If you ever find yourself in Williamsburg, you may want to go down to Captain George's and have some grits and a show. You'll not be disappointed!


We had a great night tonight and I can't wait till tomorrow to get up and do some more fun stuff.  This orange/pink picture by the way is the inside of my hand. I was just about to snap a photo during the show when all the lights went out (by design) and I didn't want the flash going off and spoiling a surprise that they might be working to setup so I covered the camera with my hand.  We just thought it was a cool looking background color for something so there you go!  Alrighty then, its time for bed as it's almost midnight again.  Shhhh, Beth thinks we're going running tomorrow but I'm about to act like a pull a muscle here in about 5 minutes. I'll let you know how it turns out.  G'Night Ya'll, Be Particular.

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