Sunday, February 19, 2012

Little Gap In February

Woke up this morning and looked out the window to see a beautiful winter morning looking back. The winds were from the North and the temp was on its way up to 40*F. I knew I was either going to go to Church, or fake an illness and go flying. Cough Cough.

Beth's Mom had stayed over with us and they had spent all day painting the bath rooms, Ella, each other, the light switches, mirrow, door, floor, and toilet seat. They still had some more to do and I spent the morning walking around within ear's reach coughing and moaning; it worked. Beth looked at me with knowing eyes and gave me the go-ahead-but-you-are-gonna-pay-for-it-look, and down I ran to the garage to load up my wings, my motor, helmets, and radio's.

First stop Little Gap to paraglide with a PPG (Powered Paragliding) buddy of mine, Vassilis. Both he and I had, within the last 6 months, earned our P2 paragliding rating and were looking to start flying out of Little Gap so we had coordinated for an orientation flight today at noon. After running off the mountain, I'd be heading over to Rob's house in Germansville, PA to Power Paraglide with him and working on his business website:

Here is the video from our Paragliding flight off of Little Gap. Vassilis took off approximately 50 feet in front of me but I caught him quickly in my descent to the LZ. Today's flight was a "sledder" (sled ride to the landing area) to the LZ, but I'm not complaining; I still had a ball.

Hope you enjoy the video!

Lil bit of flying this weekend!
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