Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Flying Time Again

I wanted to make sure I got out again this week before my Birthday in case we go busy doing stuff and I wasn't able to get airborne.  I heard of air-sickness before, but I get ground-sickness from not being able to fly every few days.  lol 
I'm happy ya'll stop by and look at the video's; I figure when I celebrate a few more birthdays and my teeth start falling out, I'll be able to look back at these and remember what I used to do as a younger chap.  Of course, they do have quads and trikes that can be connected below the wings, so hopefully I'll still be flying when I'm 102.  Wouldn't that be scary; forget who and where I am at a thousand feet about the ground and not having a clue where to land.  If ya'll find me in your back yard, can you send me home?
Hope you like the vid!


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