Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Williamsburg Virginia - Day Three


Hi Again! Beth is not back yet, although I'll be leaving in just a little bit to pick her up; just after I clean up this pigpen!  Oh, guess what?  I found a dog.  It's over there sleeping on the sofa right now.  I told Beth about him (his name is Alexander Poe) and she's a little bit nervous that we now have another dog.  I guess someone just left him and that's sad.  I had to laugh though because when I told Beth his name, she asked, "you can just steal someone else's name?"  I had to chuckle knowing that she was thinking of Edgar Allen Poe and I said, "oh honey, you're thinkin' about Cleetus Allen Poe down yonder on 3rd street". She's not here to light me up so I was able to get away with that one.  She'll be home soon though and I'm hoping she's forgotten my jab by then. 

I got up this morning bright and early at 10:13 am and did not go running, as I said I wouldn't.  I decided against having a beer for breakfast though as I think it probably sounds better than it actually is.  I was gonna not brush my teeth too, until I smelled my own breath. Then I had to because I was teetering on the verge of passing out from funkadelic breathadiametrics a/k/a bad breath to the hilt.

Today I didn't really plan to do a lot of anything. I do have some work-work that I have to do and get emailed in to the office though.  I'm taking a course  at Penn State University on the ADDIE model and I have homework that's due first thing in the morning so I'll send it in tonight and not have to worry about it anymore. 

We haven't shown you a picture of the place we're staying at yet so here is a couple of shots of the area.

It really is a pretty place with lots of shaded walking areas.  There are a couple of golf courses surrounding the resort and we even have 6 FREE rounds of golf to play while we're here.  If I'd have thought about it earlier than just right now, I would have played a round today.  I did sign us up for a round on Friday afternoon - which is the time that they "assured" us we would not have to team up with anyone.  We, uhm, how do you say in English, suck!  We have golfed once before and it took us two hours to play one hole.  We were the last two in a tournament and the tournament ended before we finished the second hole.  I was trying to be cool and stuff, showing off in front of Beth and I shot a 37 on hole 10; which is the hole we started on. I do pretty much play golf like Stevie Wonder hang glides.  

Oh, back to the resort place. They also have BBQ grills outside so maybe Friday we'll cook out and have some steaks and corn and asparagus and taters and beer and stuff.  I'll let you know.

I'll show you a picture Alexander Poe.  He's been very good and hasn't pee'd or shed in the room here.  He's been very quiet and hasn't been a pain at all.  I'm not sure he'll be good at playing catch cause anything I throw may be bigger than he is.  Beth doesn't know just how small he is yet and I ain't tellin' her either.  Speaking of which, I have to be on my way now and drive to Richmond to pick her up. Her plane lands in an hour and a half so I best be on the way.  Let me leave you with a close up of Alexander Poe.

I found him under the coffee table. Ain't he cute?

I'm heading to Richmond; ya'll be particular.  G'Night.

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