Sunday, May 1, 2011

Blown Up Over Phoenixville

Got up early this morning to depart from Kolb Field and head West to join up with Matt who would be flying in from Morgantown.  I figured I'd get in a warm up flight in the area, then land and refuel before heading out to meet him.  I never made it.
I had been hanging out over the golf course watching the morning golfers head to their golfcarts to load up their clubs. There were a couple of hackers already out but not many.  I'd just finished a light 360 overhead and began heading over to the East to overfly my house - didn't make that either.  Bertha's exhaust blew up and actually cracked completely in half.  Luckily, the muffler was well attached and no pieces flew off.    After landing and putting Bertha away, Matt arrived at Kolb Field after a 22 miles cross country journey!  Great Job Dude.  The rest of us will be doing that soon!

Enjoy the vid:   


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