Thursday, February 10, 2011

Tiein' the Knot

Recently, I can across this eBook about knot tieing and I found it fascinating.  There are many times in life that it would be useful knowing how to properly tie a knot for a particular scenario, such as tieing the boy up to the lawn mower, tieing the fridge closed from the fat neighbor kid, and perhaps tieing the Viking Witch to the ground in preparation for a storm.

This eBook is completely free and redistributable as you see fit with only small restrictions placed at the beginning of this ebook.  Have a look and I think you'll find some pretty cool stuff in here.
The history of ropes and knots is so dim and ancient that really little is known of their origin. That earliest man used cordage of some kind and by his ingenuity succeeded in tying the material together, is indisputable, for the most ancient carvings and decorations of prehistoric man show knots in several forms. Doubtless the trailing vines and plants first suggested ropes to human beings; and it is quite probable that these same vines, in their various twistings and twinings, gave man his first idea of knots.   Click HERE to go to the eBook.  It's Free!


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