Sunday, February 6, 2011

Kolb Field, PPG Flying right near home

Kolb Field is no stranger to aviation.  Aircraft have been flying in and out of Kolb for nearly 56 years - perhaps longer.  Homer Kolb is considered to be one of the original "Fathers of Ultralite Aviation" and in 1999 was inducted into the EAA Hall of Fame.  Around that same time, Homer sold his ultralite business to a group of investors who moved it's HQ down into Kentucky I believe, and renamed it "The New Kolb Aircraft" company.  

Starting about 3 months ago, I began looking for closer areas to fly my PPG. I still love to fly in Morgangtown PA and will continue to do so, but I also wanted to find somewhere closer to home so if I had an hour or so and wanted to get in a flight, I could run right up the road, fly around, and be home within minutes.  While looking around on Google Maps, I happened upon Kolb Field.  

I was so excited to find an airport in my own town!  I immediately began searching for contact information and that's when I learned about Kolb Ultralites. I had heard of them plenty before, but had no idea that "THIS" is where they were located.  After doing research on the field itself, I found contact information and started reaching out to get permission to fly from Kolb.   

..... No response

I did some more research and was saddened to read that Homer had passed away approximately 2 years earlier.  I did some searching on the city records and found that Homer's son and another partner now owned the field and sent an email to them asking about Kolb Field and flying PPG's.  I was excited when I got a reply back less than 20 minutes later.  The reply sounded very promising and a meeting was setup to discuss the whole thing.  We did just that and received their permission to fly out of Kolb so here we are.

This was my first flight at Kolb field.  I had tried flying from Kolb about 2 weeks ago but "Bertha" (my PPG) wouldn't crank so I went back home pouting.  Today she fired right up and besides having to walk/run in 8 inches of snow (which is difficult), I had a wonderful day. Oh, one more thing... I was using a new (to me) harness that I'd just purchased and I did have trouble getting fully seated in the chair after launching so I was held up in the air by two cargo straps wrapped around my "business".  I had three flights and all three were short due to my bits hollering "help me help me" and me landing and talking like Mickey Mouse for a few minutes.  I consolidated all three flights into this one video.  I wish that I would have captured video of Jeff flying too but I was too busy trying to keep my parts away from the hold points of the harness.  I'm making a kick-in strap this week!   

Here's the vidoe, hope you enjoy it.  Jeff, Kevin, and myself at Kolb Field.

I'll be back out there first chance. Hopefully this weekend! 

Ya'll be particular


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