Thursday, July 21, 2011

Back Up At Rob’s, Part Duex


Went back up to Rob’s today to do some more flying in the great Northeast of Pennsylvania. It’s real purty country up there with lots of neat hills and valleys to fly in.  We launched about 7:15 pm, but I think we should have waited a bit longer because it was still a bit more turbulent than I love to fly in.  Oh well, it builds character, right. 

Rob told me it was going to be a “technical” (he called it) departure. I didn’t know he meant we’d be departing towards the mountain, running up hill, in front of the woods, near a 500 kV power line!  I got airborne, made a left turn out and began my standard slow climb back to the South.  A few minutes later I was up to about 500’ and out of the wires, woods, and wind shear.  The rest of the flight went perfect!

Have a looksie:

Flyin’ up at Rob’s place again. This is a nice country up here!
Launch Zone for Flight 2
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