Sunday, April 10, 2011

Contour GPS Flight on Sunday - Morgantown

Got a quick flight in today after getting unpacked from Phoenix.  Had to repack my reserve and only halfway think that I did it right.  Didn't end up needing it :-) . 

I'm testing out my Contour GPS to see how the video matches up with the GPS track.  Looks pretty cool and this gives a great recap of where you've been and how high your were when doing it.
We only flew for a lil bit as it started getting a bit bumpy and the winds continued to increase.  After I got home the forecast for winds aloft had increased to 40 mph and I knew it was most probably accurate.
Beth and Baby Ella came out to watch our flying and as you can see, the Baby was watching each time as I flew over.  I want to get a harness and take her flying after I get at least a year of experience under my belt.  I think she'd enjoy it and hope to find out late this summer.   
Kevin called just as I was getting back home and was, himself, just arriving at the field with his family to show them what this fun and crazy sport is all about.  Brian also showed up after flying in on a cross country flight from his home.  I do wish I'd have waited a bit longer, but had no idea others were coming to fly.  Hopefully this weekend we'll have great flying weather to do it all again.  Be Particular!
Have a look and let me know if you like it. 


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