Monday, March 21, 2011

Bounced Around Phoenixville

Went flying at Kolb (Phoenixville) earlier this afternoon and got a bit more than I was expecting.  The wind at Pottstown Limerick airport was only indicating 5 knots on the ground, but lawdy lawdy was it howling about 20 feet up.  I launch out of Kolb and immediately was ready to land but I figured I'd give it a little bit to see if the ride got smoother.  It did a little bit but still lots of rotor off the woods line and a bit of lifty-sinkiness throughout the flight.  I decided after only 14 minutes that it was time to put Bertha back on the ground.  When my GPS speed read 39 mph, I knew that I was playing in conditions that I wasn't expecting.  Jeff came out with his 900 pound dawg, Apollo, to watch the flight and make sure I didn't get stuck in a tree.  Thanks Jeff :-)


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