Sunday, January 30, 2011

Airborne and Freezing Over Morgantown - and Lovin' It!

I'd been wanting to get in the air for a month now and it seemed like it had been forever since the last time. I'm still new to PPG'ing but I surely do enjoy the freedom of flight you get from hanging around in a lawn chair with a ceiling fan on your back.  The temperature was 21* this afternoon and I was still able to talk Kevin into coming out and going flying. 

I arrived a few minutes before Kevin did so I went ahead and got airborne for a flight around the area, planning on landing just as he arrived to give a wind/air quality check but I must have missed his white van against the white background of snow because I didn't see him until I started heading back over the departure field and then I saw him below me. 

Here are the 3 video's that I made from today's flying out of Morgantown PA

Flight Number 1

Flight Number 2
Flight Number 3

Hope you enjoy them. New Powered Paragliding Classes resume in the Spring.  If you're interested, please notify Kevin McKelvey (   Ya'll Be Particular.


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