Sunday, October 26, 2008

Pumpkin Bits Everywhere!


Tonight we had our 2nd annual pumpkin carving contest and I didn’t win again!  Not sure if ya’ll heard about last years pumpkin cuttin-up contest but it was a lot of fun, in another town, with lots of beer, and freezing cold temperatures. The picture just below is of some of the entries from last years contest.  I had cut a bulldog out of a little tiny pumpkin but if I remember correctly, someone got scared of me winning and accidentally tripped and push (only mine) my pumpkin over the ledge to join Humpty-Dumpty’s broke back behind on the ground. 


This year I had a plan.  I’d carve my pumpkin across the street and out of harms way. Our friends (both of them) started showing up around 6:00 and immediately the trash talking began.  It seems that last year we started around 3:00 pm so people could actually see what the heck they were carving.  A slight miscalculation on my part, put us carving (after eating dinner) in the pitch black dead of night.  That would be fine with me since I knew I was gonna win anyway!  YAY.  I fired up the grill and cooked a whole herd of chickens legs, arms and boobs, SLAP, breasts. After dinner the carving up began….


pumpkin 1

Pumpkin bits were flying every which away as the contest began. Luckily I got assigned camera duty so I was able to talk smack all I wanted without fear of having to show off my lack of carving skills.  To the right is the birds-eye view from the dome camera.


The initial cuts were quick and resembled Stevie Wonder driving (all over the place). Soon though, the fine carving tools came out and artwork began.  This is about the same time I “accidentally” unplugged the lamp hoping, I mean fearing that someone may make a unwanted cut.


The octopus lamp helped out since I didn’t take into account that it would be nighttime during the contest.  The artwork on display is over on the right.  I forget who won but I knew it wasn’t me again.  Clicking on any of the images should give you a larger view.


We had actually hoped to have the backyard deck finished before the contest date, but weather had slowed down it’s progress.  Next year though we’ll have plenty of room and light to accommodate room for everyone.  Ya’ll have a Happy Halloween and good luck candy hunting!  Ya’ll be particular.

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